Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Another small thing: No: 7.

Another trip down memory lane to my little list of things to make my life better this year and it brings me to...

7. Stop being mean to yourself. You wouldn't call your best friend fat or ugly, so don't allow your own thoughts to say these unkind words either.

This. Is. Hard.

It is something I am sure a lot of people deal with on a regular basis and although I like to think I am a rather happy little bean a lot of the time I will always have those demons to contend with when it comes to self confidence (especially on those mornings I'm stood confronting an unforgiving mirror in my pants!)

However deep down I also know I am a good person and I am mightily lucky for what I have in this life so no matter what the mirror spews out at me in the morning I must learn to love myself, after all...

Yes it's hard but things could be a lot worse and only you can do something about tackling your mindset around issues of this nature so just as the clever bear below emphasises below (in such a lovely cuddly way), go on and try it... If you do I promise I will!

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