Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sunshine Towers : About the house

A year ago in March I walked through the door to a little terraced house, named it Sunshine Towers and set about making it my home. Back then I introduced you to my little castle, then updated you after 1 month as I settled in and again at 3 months as I gradually filled up the little space I call home.

The last Sunshine Towers update I shared with you was when I got massively excited about the arrival of my new squishy sofa. So I thought it was about time I let you back into Sunshine Towers and re-introduce my pimped up kitchen and very recently re-decorated bathroom! (I still have paint in my hair!)

Say hello to one of my favourite (and most important!) rooms in Sunshine Towers....


These are just a few of my favourite things in my newly pimped kitchen, besides the food that passes through of course! It's quite a small narrow galley kitchen so keeping the walls white really brightens the space and also means I can fill it with lots of cool quirky fun things without it feeling too cluttered too quickly. It's definitely a light, bright and happy space to prepare, serve and eat food as well as a being a lovely little place to partake in the odd glass of vino.

The next room, although not my favourite room in Sunshine Towers, I am very very proud of. With the kitchen I needed a lot of help, it needed a new floor laying, walls re-plastering and a bit of tiling sorting out... so naturally I left that to the experts and just finished it off with pretty things afterwards.

However with the bathroom I decorated it all on my own *smug face* Ok so it was only prepping woodwork and painting walls, doors, skirting etc but still.... it's a big deal to me as I've never decorated on my own before! I'll admit I was a tad worried that I mess it up, end up with patchy horrible walls, a half done ceiling and a paint pot stuck on my foot but I can honestly say I LOVED IT!

Anyway I won't waffle on at you, I'll just let you see the results...


As you may be able to tell this is another teeny tiny space and previously the walls were a bit of a magnolia/tea stained colour and the paint work was yellowed, flaky and rubbish so it just felt dull and dirty but now it's all shiny clean and bright white! It feels so much bigger and lighter in there now, especially with my new mirror really opening up the space. 

I'm super massively happy and pleased with the progress I've made with these rooms but I'm also super massively impatient and having only just finished the bathroom I am now itching to start my next project... However I must let the bank recover and also wait for a weekend or two I have free so watch this space and I'll be sure to update you as Sunshine Towers blossoms even more...

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