Friday, 15 June 2012

Small things No.4 : A bit of calm.

Ok so I've been reviewing my list of '10 small ways to make my life better' regularly and I thought it was about time I shared some of my reflections with you again. So what was next on the list?

4. Realise what the small stuff is, and stop getting so stressed out about it. Catch yourself doing it, and distract yourself from it. Its pointless.

Number 4 on the list is one that, I think, is important to remember daily. I'm not great at letting things wash over all the time me but I am a squillion times better than I was and in general, now I have learnt to take a deep breath, step back and chill out a bit, life feels a lot calmer and happier for it. True story. But it's all fair and well saying "Yes. I can do that and it's making things better" but how does one let go of the little things, or big things, that get to us?

I was in a fantastic 'Creativity' workshop at work (Boots HQ) this week and we were introduced to the workshop by learning about and trying a bit of meditation. 'A relaxed mind is ideal for the creative thinking process' and to be fair, is probably the best way to approach most things in everyday life.

It was through the Headspace project that we were encouraged to take 10mins out to try out some meditation and it was brilliant! "Headspace is a project designed to demystify meditation. Using the wonders of science and technology, we make it easy to-learn, fun-to-do, and relevant to your everyday life."

Being able to take a step back from all of your feelings and emotions, stresses and tension in everyday life is invaluable. After all nobody wants to spend their days surrounded by little grey rain clouds. Finding that little piece of calm or sunshine in your day can be the best medicine/distraction for the small stuff that stresses you out so much.

If, like me, you're a busy bee but sometimes find yourself thinking "Stop the world, I want to get off" then maybe a bit of down time is something you should make an effort to do more often too. Like I said earlier, it has helped me no end and although I get wound up about things now and then, overall I think I am much more positive and laid back about life than some of the people around me.

Some of the things that help me most are so simple but make such a big difference to my attitude towards things. Whether its a short walk away from my desk to make a brew, a stroll outside in the sunshine at lunchtime or more recently a run, these little things help give me the 'headspace' to put things into perspective and prevent those silly little stresses bringing me down.

I'd love to know what you think of this whole idea! Are there things you do to help you deal with those little things that stress you out? Do you meditate or find exercise like yoga or running helps? Maybe you're already the most laid back person in the world - what's your secret?

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