Thursday, 28 June 2012

More small things: No. 5 and 6...

Ok so another post to look back at that lovely little list and update you all on the following points:

5. Learn to be alone. Perhaps you need to challenge yourself to go to the cinema alone? A pub? A restaurant? A holiday? Or even just an evening alone, with no television.

6. Say yes more. 

Number 5 appeals to me a lot, mainly because I value my 'Jo-time' very muchly. Being at my happiest when I'm super busy and ticking things of my 'To Do' list - whether it be a work related list or a mental list of things I want to achieve in life - I still thoroughly enjoy the chances I get to just relax on my own with my book and a cup of tea or a glass of wine.... preferably in the bath. In that retrospect I guess this one links closely to points 2. Read more and 3. Watch less. on the list too.

I am more than happy nowadays to sit in a pub, restaurant or coffee shop on my own if I'm early to meet a friend or just fancy a break from a shopping mission or something. So to push this one a bit further my aim is to go on holiday on my own (Eeek!). Don't get me wrong I LOVE my adventures with people but the more I think about this as a personal challenge, the more I believe doing this could make a difference to my confidence and also provide a real escape from routine, even if just for a weekend somewhere in the UK.

Now to decide where this place maybe and when I can afford to do it...

Usually money wouldn't bother me (I'm a bugger for borrowing money to go on adventures....which leads me nicely onto the next point on the list. I have just ticked off number 6 on the list (Say yes more) by agreeing to and arranging to take just over two weeks off work to go and meet my friend out in INDIA! Eeeeeeek! South India to be precise and the beautiful Kerela!

Food. Culture. Beaches. Colour. Heat. Newness. Travel. Come on... What was to say No to?

One of my favourite films is 'Yes man'. Not just because it stars the man I always wanted to marry when I was little (Jim Carrey) and my favourite lady (Zooey Deschanel) but because shows both the good and bad sides of saying that magic three letter word.

Maybe if more people said yes, took those chances, pushed themselves out of the comfort zone and really jumped on life's opportunities there would be lots more happy faces around and a lot less excuses, sad faces and 'what ifs' floating about. But that's just me....

A friend sent me this picture from a bar she was in down in Bristol the other week and it sums up my attitude quite well really and feels like a good couple of words to remember when those opportunities arise and you're not sure if you should say yes or not.... what's the worst that could happen?

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