Saturday, 30 June 2012

It's OK to be selfish?

Yes. Yes it is sometimes.

I just wanted to fly by and share this fabulous post from the amazing Rock 'n Roll bride blog entitled 'Why you should be selfish'.

I struggle to cope with selfish people and selfishness in general. I often get told I need to be more selfish more often, mainly because, as is mentioned in the blog post above, I end up trying to do everything for everyone. Whether it be to keep a smile on faces, meet commission orders, help out a friend, keep up with jewellery orders, take part in another craft event or just put in that extra time at work...

It's exhausting and I know that I need to learn to stop and get off the world sometimes and assess what it is that I want to do and what will make me happy.... Easier said that done right?

"The real challenge is not managing your time but managing your focus. “If you get too wrapped up in all of the stuff coming at you, you lose your ability to respond appropriately and effectively”, he explains. “Remember, you’re the one who creates speed, because you’re the one who allows stuff to enter your life.”

That's why this post resonated with me so much. You should have a read through and follow Kat - Rock 'n Roll bride - in general. She's amazing and such an inspiration!

I'll let you judge for yourself but I'm going to nip off now to consider my next 'selfish' move...

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