Sunday, 15 April 2012

Small things : No.1

In my previous post called 'It's the little things...' I shared an inspirational list of things you can do to make your life that little bit better. I found this list on the lovely Rockalily blog and found it too good and too true not to share...

People share lovely things all the time and I love it, especially now with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to name but a few. But how many people follow up on these kind of inspirational 'lists' and 'thoughts' about life and being happy?

This is starting to sound a bit deep for my little sunshine brain but bare with me... Whilst I was pondering this in my daydream world, it struck me... I'm going to try my bestest to live out this list and document it! Why not? I truly believe that I do live by a lot of the points already but I guess we shall see how true it is over the coming blog posts around this subject...

So first on the list:

1. Dress like it matters. This can be small things like wearing jeans less, or wearing more smart than casual. It may be about giving your hair a 'style' or wearing lipstick.

So aside from getting my new hair do next week (which I'm muchos excited about!) I have started to think a bit more about making that extra effort. Not all the time though because don't get me wrong I like my comfies and don't want to become obsessed with how I look but it does make such a difference to how you feel when you do put in that extra effort sometimes.

So for starters... It's only a small thing but I hardly ever wear nail varnish and I think it can look so pretty now and then, so I thought I'd take it from there... 

Not bad really but as good as I may be at painting canvasses... painting nails is something I need to practise at. It's a start though huh? It's happened twice so far too... and neither time was for a special occasion!

I always like to think I make a bit of effort with how I dress, particularly as I have to look smart for work most days but I think extra little things like thinking more about my jewellery and hair style some days could make all the difference to my self confidence, which I often struggle with. 

So let's see how it goes... baby steps and all!

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