Sunday, 1 April 2012

My 3rd new place for 2012!

Ok so I know its technically April now but last night I was in bed after my spontaneous mini adventure and realised that it was March 31stAND I hadn't actually managed to post about any new places in March.

Don't get me wrong March has been a jam pack month full of lots of exciting things like travelling to Sheffield for a craft fair, days out at Wollaton Park, picnics in Highfields, bike rides along the water, house renovations, gardening and much much more...

Alas it wasn't until yesterday that a close friend suggested a spontaneous mini trip on the train out to Matlock Bath. Such a beautiful place and only an hour by train from Beeston (I never knew it was so close!) and we had a lovely time!

My new place was actually a walk I have never done before in Matlock Bath to a point called High Tor. It was fair climb with lots of paths and winding gravelly bits, great fun to scramble up and stunning views along the way. A perfect walk if you ask me! Especially when you're greeted by views like this...

So... although my new place wasn't actually Matlock Bath itself, as many moons ago I remember walking down the high road there in the pouring rain with my grandparents, it was still shiny new to me in several ways...

* It's the first time I've ever visited on the train *
* I learnt that Gulliver's Kingdom is smack bang in the middle of Matlock *
* We went on little walks in the trees and scaled some awesome view points *
* I had fish and chips by the river and it wasn't raining *

A lovely spontaneous mini adventure and a great way to end the brilliantly busy month of March! Bring on April and all that's around the corner...

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