Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Small things: No.2

In the words of Rafiki from the Lion King... "It is time..." 

I revistited my list of inspirational little things and have another little update for you lovely folk. If you cast your mind back (or click on the link to my previous blog post about said list) you'll find number 2 on my list:

2. Read more. Perhaps set a specific title you want to read, or a goal of one book a month/week/year.

Back in January I made a few 'goals' for 2012' and one of them was actually to read more so maybe I've had a bit of a head start on this one but anyway... that aside I'm on my way to embedding the habit of reading in my life. I'd be lying if I said it was a hard thing, I've always liked reading and when I was on my travels I must have read non stop but then I had the time on my hands. 

And maybe that's the hardest part. Time. But it's a pleasure to make the time for, once you get into this reading malarky. I love the fact I can loose myself in a book after a long day at work. I love the fact that you can be in a grumpy mood and forget all about what caused it in the first place. I love the fact that reading seems to relax my brain before bedtime. I love the fact you can explore so many places and meet so many people in one place. 

So which books have I been making the time for you say? Well so far this year I have read my way through The Millennium Trillogy by Stieg Larsson. Last night I was up waaaaaaaaay past my bedtime reading my way through the third and final book in the trilogy and it's blooming brilliant!

Bad news now is that I'm only pages away from finishing the last book! Good news is that I have to find a new book to get my teeth into... any suggestions for when I finish this one? 

Saturday, 21 April 2012

My dirty little secret...

I love food. I love playing. I love Instagram....

I know nobody really cares about what I eat and what it looks like but photographing my food has become a bit of a dirty little secret of mine for a long time now (well since i got my iPhone at Christmas). I love food, always have and always will and I figured I can't be the only one out there who does so this one's for all you food lovers out there! 

I can guarantee there will be many more food related Instagram packed tasty posts like this one in the future...

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

What I Wore Today : Book Entry No.4

"Drip drip drop little April shower"

It has started to get a bit soggy this week so it seems like an appropriate time to share my 4th doodle from the excellent What I Wore Today book....

It's safe to say I bloomin' love this book! I hope you're enjoying seeing the progress as I fill in the pages with my doodles.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Small things : No.1

In my previous post called 'It's the little things...' I shared an inspirational list of things you can do to make your life that little bit better. I found this list on the lovely Rockalily blog and found it too good and too true not to share...

People share lovely things all the time and I love it, especially now with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to name but a few. But how many people follow up on these kind of inspirational 'lists' and 'thoughts' about life and being happy?

This is starting to sound a bit deep for my little sunshine brain but bare with me... Whilst I was pondering this in my daydream world, it struck me... I'm going to try my bestest to live out this list and document it! Why not? I truly believe that I do live by a lot of the points already but I guess we shall see how true it is over the coming blog posts around this subject...

So first on the list:

1. Dress like it matters. This can be small things like wearing jeans less, or wearing more smart than casual. It may be about giving your hair a 'style' or wearing lipstick.

So aside from getting my new hair do next week (which I'm muchos excited about!) I have started to think a bit more about making that extra effort. Not all the time though because don't get me wrong I like my comfies and don't want to become obsessed with how I look but it does make such a difference to how you feel when you do put in that extra effort sometimes.

So for starters... It's only a small thing but I hardly ever wear nail varnish and I think it can look so pretty now and then, so I thought I'd take it from there... 

Not bad really but as good as I may be at painting canvasses... painting nails is something I need to practise at. It's a start though huh? It's happened twice so far too... and neither time was for a special occasion!

I always like to think I make a bit of effort with how I dress, particularly as I have to look smart for work most days but I think extra little things like thinking more about my jewellery and hair style some days could make all the difference to my self confidence, which I often struggle with. 

So let's see how it goes... baby steps and all!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Busy busy at Sunshine Towers!

It's been a regular little production line here over the past few months and I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've mentioned anything about jewellery fun times!

It's been tough re-stocking after Christmas whilst juggling a lot of other work and although my fingers are only just recovering from all of the jewellery making, the great news is that there's plenty of Hello Sunshine jewellery back in stock!


So don't forget to mosey on down and check out my Folksy shop and Etsy shop for new listings... and as always please do get in touch if you're after anything you can't spy here!

I'm planning designs for a limited edition birdy range of jewellery too so keep your eyes open for updates coming soon...

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Canvas Loveliness!

If any of you follow my facebook page you're bound to have seen a fair few updates about a commission I've been working on lately.

My mission was to paint this album cover but in a monochrome scheme as to match a certain young ladies bedroom...

I do love the design of this album cover and have got to admit I LOVE painting! There is something so therapeutic about it, especially when it's a pretty hefty canvas you're splatting paint on to.

If you haven't already seen them, here are some of the little pictures I mentioned above, which I posted to facebook and twitter to track my progress:

And here is the final canvas in all it's glory! It looks pretty darn good (if I may say so myself) sitting in my room, I'm half tempted to keep it... or maybe just paint myself one for Sunshine Towers!

Monday, 9 April 2012

What I Wore Today : Book Entry No.3

I hope you're all enjoying the extra long Easter weekend and the Easter bunny has left you lots of lovely treats to indulge in! Anyone been on an Easter egg hunt? I bloomin' love 'em!

So my Easter break actually started on Saturday as I chose to work Good Friday (a very quiet one in the office) and have Easter Monday AND Tuesday off instead... YAY! 

Anypoops, as promised in my last WIWT update, here is what I donned on 'Dress down Friday' at work on Good Friday. I do love wearing my jeans in the office, it feels slightly naughty in a nice way when I can stroll around in my comfiness! 

So what did you wear over Easter? Apart from chocolate around your chops?...

Saturday, 7 April 2012

It's the little things...

I stumbled upon some gems this week and I just wanted to stop by and share them with you before I forget...

The first is the newest pretty in my life from the amazing website 'A Skulk of foxes'. I never like to admit it but I am obsessed with all things of the fox variety (as well as stags, wolves, camper vans, yellow, cherry blossom, scotch eggs and numerous other delights). So you can imagine how happy I was when this beauty dropped onto my doorstep from Mister Postman...

It's even more beautiful in real life too! Although I do feel like I should get a cover to protect my beautiful new cover now, which could end up getting a bit silly! Still, I am in awe of how beautiful my iPhone looks now and can't wait to save my pennies up again to purchase something else from 'A Skulk of foxes'.

The other gem I found is much less material and VERY inspirational and thought provoking. It's an absolutely lovely blog post I found somehow the other day and want to share it with you. Although it's around New Year resolutions I think no matter what the time of year everything in it is relevant. Some of the sentiments ring true with so much in my life right now and I hope it inspires you all too!

The blog post was on the awesome Rockalily blog and you can read more at the site here. I have taken the main snippet from it to share with you...

"10 small ways to make your life better in 2012"

"Here are my ideas for 10 small ways that you can make your life better, and I hope that you  may chose one or two (or ten) as achievable for you in 2012.
1. Dress like it matters. This can be small things like wearing jeans less, or wearing more smart than casual. It may be about giving your hair a 'style' or wearing lipstick.
2. Read more. Perhaps set a specific title you want to read, or a goal of one book a month/week/year.
3. Watch less. You could do one evening a week with no television, or even one week....or a month?
4. Realise what the small stuff is, and stop getting so stressed out about it. Catch yourself doing it, and distract yourself from it. Its pointless.
5. Learn to be alone. Perhaps you need to challenge yourself to go to the cinema alone? A pub? A restaurant? A holiday? Or even just an evening alone, with no television.
6. Say yes more. 
7. Stop being mean to yourself. You wouldn't call your best friend fat or ugly, so don't allow your own thoughts to say these unkind words either. 
8. Forgive more. Holding onto anger, bitterness or regret only causes you pain. Try and believe that most people want to be good, but just may make bad choices sometimes. 
9. Don't wait until people die to say all of the nice things to them. Try and say some of it now, while they are here to listen.
10. Seek more fun. What makes you laugh? Try and do it more."

Friday, 6 April 2012

What I Wore Today : Book Entry No.2

As we've had a couple of rainy days of late I decided to get the crayons out and crack on with my Mini Project, which you may remember me mentioning in my 'First day of Spring' blog post last month when I doodled this is my shiny new book...

And here is the next doodle page in the book before I reveal what I actually wore today... That will be an Easter Sunday treat for you all.

So to keep it short and sweet on this Good Friday, HAPPY EASTER and happy doodling to all you lovely 'What I Wore Today' fans!

Have an eggsellent weekend! Boom Boom!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

My 3rd new place for 2012!

Ok so I know its technically April now but last night I was in bed after my spontaneous mini adventure and realised that it was March 31stAND I hadn't actually managed to post about any new places in March.

Don't get me wrong March has been a jam pack month full of lots of exciting things like travelling to Sheffield for a craft fair, days out at Wollaton Park, picnics in Highfields, bike rides along the water, house renovations, gardening and much much more...

Alas it wasn't until yesterday that a close friend suggested a spontaneous mini trip on the train out to Matlock Bath. Such a beautiful place and only an hour by train from Beeston (I never knew it was so close!) and we had a lovely time!

My new place was actually a walk I have never done before in Matlock Bath to a point called High Tor. It was fair climb with lots of paths and winding gravelly bits, great fun to scramble up and stunning views along the way. A perfect walk if you ask me! Especially when you're greeted by views like this...

So... although my new place wasn't actually Matlock Bath itself, as many moons ago I remember walking down the high road there in the pouring rain with my grandparents, it was still shiny new to me in several ways...

* It's the first time I've ever visited on the train *
* I learnt that Gulliver's Kingdom is smack bang in the middle of Matlock *
* We went on little walks in the trees and scaled some awesome view points *
* I had fish and chips by the river and it wasn't raining *

A lovely spontaneous mini adventure and a great way to end the brilliantly busy month of March! Bring on April and all that's around the corner...