Saturday, 17 March 2012

What I Wore Today : March Edition

Ok so I'm a little late posting my March doodle as I wore it last weekend but it's been a busy old bean of a week and I'm a tad behind with everything at the moment. Still no time like the weekend to play catch up!

Last weekend I was at the fantabulous Millennium Galleries in Sheffield for the Reetsweet Spring fair. It was a bright and early start as I left Sunshine Towers piled high with bags of wares and eaded for the station. It's not a bad ride up to Sheffield but it's times like those when I think a Sunshine mobile would be handy! Preferable one that looks like this...

Sorry I digress... so yes I set up my stall aside some other awesomely talented and inspiring creative peeps and had a lovely catch up with Ellie from Red Anchor Emporium and Katie aka Katrine Brosnan. Before I reveal my outfit (which I know you're all dying to see... haha!) I'd just like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the loveliness I was part of last weekend.

Katrine Brosnan : Awesome Illustrations & accessories
Red Anchor Emporium : Rockabilly & Burlesque inspired textiles
Kitschen Sink : Mega fun jewellery & accessories
Deborah Moon : Beautiful illustrative work

I must admit it was hard not to spend the pennies that I was trying to make but I think I did well and managed to purchase something rather lovely for my Mummy in plenty of time for tomorrow (Pssst! It's Mother's Day if you haven't already twigged!)

Anywho... without making you read any further waffle I would like to introduce you to my 'What I Wore Today' doodle for the month of March. To say it was hotter than the sun inside the galleries last weekend I feel for onceI had dressed quite sensibly for the occasion! 

I hope it was worth the wait and the waffle! Here's wishing you all a lovely weekend, whatever you may have planned, whether it;s Mother's Day pampering, day trips or just general weekend loveliness!

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