Sunday, 4 March 2012

What I wore last month & THE BOOK!

Ok so I'm a bit late sharing February's 'What I wore today' doodle and I guess it is rather similar to January's but this has made me realise two things:

1. It has been bloomin' chilly
2. I need a new coat!

Still, I enjoyed creating the doodle and I can also shout about the fabulous book that one of my older What I Wore Today doodle's in in! When it came through the post it felt like Christmas again, I was so excited! It's a wonderful book and a great way to encourage doodling of all kinds so if you haven't already got a copy I highly recommend it. To tempt you further here are a few shots from the book itself...

The front cover

You can doodle yourself into it to!

Can you spot the piece of Sunshine I doodled?

See! What's not to love? Beautiful illustrations, quirky commentary and a chance to document your style through the seasons... perfect and would make a great present too don't you think?

Anyway, enough of the sunshine salesman... I'm of to think about how to fill my own copy in and when to start it. When does Spring start anyway? Exciting!

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