Sunday, 25 March 2012

Time for a change?

For those of you who know me personally you may already know I like to change my hair a fair bit... I had my natural mousy brown hair 'au natural' until I was about 16 and since then its been:

Ribeena coloured
Stripy (unintentionally!)
Back to mousey
In dreadlocks
Cut short
Had bleached bits
Gone dark red
Grown long
Turned blonde
Grown out
Gone dark brown
Deep red

...I'm sure there are others in there I've missed but you get the idea! My hair has been red for nearly 18months now, granted it's been varying shades and is currently quite vivid but I feel it's time for something new to mark the start of British Summer time (why not?)

So what next? Well seeing as I verge on a fiery, gingery colour when my current colour fades and with the summer time fast approaching, this is the beautiful picture that is inspiring me currently! My hair is not quite this long but with a bit of will power and the help of my amazing hair dresser I'm hoping that come May time my hair will look something like this.... *finger crossed*

Watch this space!

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