Tuesday, 20 March 2012

First day of Spring! *happy face*

Yup Spring has landed and boy is it beautiful today! The sun is out the sky is blue and the blossom is perfect...

It is also the first day of my new mini project. As you may remember I excitedly shared the new What I Wore Today book with you, which features one of my doodles *happy dance*

My new mini project is to fill the fabulous little book, as its intended to be, with my doodles and ideas throughout the four seasons it's split out into. Starting with Spring!

So... here you have it, What I Wore on the first day of Spring. I hope you like it....

If you don't already own this book you need to get one in your life. I can honestly say getting the crayons out and doodling in this beautiful book not only felt naughty (it is a shiny new book afterall!) but it was so much fun and rather inspiring as now I have to make sure I look good on the days I doodle! Hmmm....

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