Sunday, 26 February 2012

Prague in pictures...

Hello to you all on this glorious sunny day! I hope you have all been making the most of the sunshine while he's had his hat on this weekend? It's certainly put a smile on my face after all the cold and damp Nottingham seems to have had lately.

Anywho, small talk aside... as promised I just wanted to drop by and share some of my jolliday pictures with you all. I hope you don't mind...

With January's new place being Oxford, this month I am chuffed to say I went to Prague. I have always wanted to go and what can I say, it did not disappoint! Such a stunning place and so accessible too! We must have walked miles up and down hills, steps, riversides and through cobbled streets. It was amazing!

So without further adieu here are some of my jolliday snaps and a few reason why you should get yourself a cheap flight over to the wonderful city of Prague...

As you can see it's a stunning place and yes I am a tad obsessed with Instagram but what lovely photographs you can get from a phone now days.

Anyway, I won't go on any longer as the sunshine's calling me and I'm off out to play with my little niece! Happy Sunday everyone!

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