Saturday, 11 February 2012

12 new places in 2012

If you can remember at the start of the shiny new year I wrote my very first 2012 blog post and one of my missions for the new year was...

*Plan & run off to as many new cities as possible - UK & lands afar!

So I thought I'd check in and share my progress so far (which I'm quite proud of in my own silly little way). I figured that as much as I'd love to plan an adventure for every weekend of the year, it's just not realistic BUT planning a new adventure every month is a little more manageable and much more sensible!

So where did January take me? It took me here...


When I was little I remember going to Botley in Oxford to visit my cousins but cannot remember exploring the city itself so this months new adventure was to do just that. We spent time walking around the town centre, taking in the famous architecture and popping in and out of quaint and beautifully traditional tiny English pubs and it was fab! 

I didn't take a HUGE amount of photos but here's a quick snap shot for you and I hope it's enough to make you want to take a visit yourself if you haven't already been. I'm already trying to think about when I can visit again!

But before I start re-visiting places I have February's new place to explore... I'm off next week as a matter of fact so watch this space to find out where the next Sunshine Adventure will be! 

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