Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Ninjas + Gingerbread = Ninjabread men!

Everyone loves making an decorating gingerbread biscuits right? So what's better than Ninja shaped ones!?!

A friend and I had a most excellent time playing with these awesome cutters from and the result (I hope you'll agree) was pretty blooming' good!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Prague in pictures...

Hello to you all on this glorious sunny day! I hope you have all been making the most of the sunshine while he's had his hat on this weekend? It's certainly put a smile on my face after all the cold and damp Nottingham seems to have had lately.

Anywho, small talk aside... as promised I just wanted to drop by and share some of my jolliday pictures with you all. I hope you don't mind...

With January's new place being Oxford, this month I am chuffed to say I went to Prague. I have always wanted to go and what can I say, it did not disappoint! Such a stunning place and so accessible too! We must have walked miles up and down hills, steps, riversides and through cobbled streets. It was amazing!

So without further adieu here are some of my jolliday snaps and a few reason why you should get yourself a cheap flight over to the wonderful city of Prague...

As you can see it's a stunning place and yes I am a tad obsessed with Instagram but what lovely photographs you can get from a phone now days.

Anyway, I won't go on any longer as the sunshine's calling me and I'm off out to play with my little niece! Happy Sunday everyone!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mini jolliday ahoy!

I just wanted to drop in to let you know that I'm off to Prague (yes that's February's new place!) Eeep!

Needless to say I'm very excited and I'm sure I'll have lots to share with you all on my return! Until then though I hope you all had a lurvely valentines day and have a cracking week!

Toodlepip for now!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

12 new places in 2012

If you can remember at the start of the shiny new year I wrote my very first 2012 blog post and one of my missions for the new year was...

*Plan & run off to as many new cities as possible - UK & lands afar!

So I thought I'd check in and share my progress so far (which I'm quite proud of in my own silly little way). I figured that as much as I'd love to plan an adventure for every weekend of the year, it's just not realistic BUT planning a new adventure every month is a little more manageable and much more sensible!

So where did January take me? It took me here...


When I was little I remember going to Botley in Oxford to visit my cousins but cannot remember exploring the city itself so this months new adventure was to do just that. We spent time walking around the town centre, taking in the famous architecture and popping in and out of quaint and beautifully traditional tiny English pubs and it was fab! 

I didn't take a HUGE amount of photos but here's a quick snap shot for you and I hope it's enough to make you want to take a visit yourself if you haven't already been. I'm already trying to think about when I can visit again!

But before I start re-visiting places I have February's new place to explore... I'm off next week as a matter of fact so watch this space to find out where the next Sunshine Adventure will be! 

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sunshine in new places!

Phew! January has been a busy little month hasn't it? I'm not sure when February decided to sneak up so quickly either but here we are and I have some more exciting sunshine news for you all...

I am massively happy to introduce you to my two shiny new stockists; Embrace Arts who are based in Leicester and Midas Arts who you can find in lovely Lincoln. Before I launch into all the detail I'd just like to say a massive thank you to John at Embrace Arts and the lovely Dee at Midas for giving me the chance to sell my wares with them... fingers crossed the sunshine is going down well in both locations!

So 'Tell me more!" I here you say... well ok then...

"Midas is a lovely little shop that has been based in Lincoln and run by Dee Barnes since 1999. The emphasis and ethos of the Midas shop is to exhibit well designed and beautifully made, contemporary craft and design pieces. A keen collector herself, Dee has a strong sense of colour, form and saleability and it is this individual style that makes Midas unique amongst other independent shops within the area. Dee now makes non precious jewellery that is sold throughout the UK and abroad. Dee feels that being both a maker and a retailer gives her a greater understanding of what the public desires whilst seeking out designer makers for Midas that are not normally found on the high street.

Midas displays the work of up to fifty makers at any one time, including: jewellery, ceramics, glass, textiles, mixed media, cards and gifts, creating a range which is constantly changing. Recent graduates' works are comfortably displayed beside pieces from established designers."

You can find out more about Dee, her jewellery and Midas at

"Embrace Arts is the University of Leicester’s multi-use inclusive arts centre, with a history of promotion and encouragement of engagement in the arts by people with disabilities. Open to all, its award-winning building houses a 120-seater performance area, three studios, and an exhibition gallery. 

It has a diverse programme of performance and learning activity throughout the year, covering a wide range of art forms, primarily classical music, jazz, dance, comedy, theatre, live art, children’s theatre, crafts, the written word and visual arts. It is located 10 minutes’ walk from the city centre on Lancaster Road, at the edge of the main University of Leicester campus.

Championed by Lord Attenborough, it is one of only two purpose-built spaces in the East Midlands for the promotion of arts and disability. It fosters inclusive arts practice for artists, audiences and participants across all its performing and visual arts programming, both within the venue and in its outreach activities, which currently engages more than 45,000 people annually."

You can find out even more about Embrace Arts by popping over to

So fancy a day trip or two? Well I think I've just given you two great places to head to... so get your road maps, thermos and picnic at the ready and get going... Toodlepip for now!