Friday, 13 January 2012

A wonderful way to recycle & a fab Christmas present!

If you hadn't gathered by the title of this post I just wanted to take the time to  shout about a present I got for Christmas this year because I think it's just brilliant!

Imagine you're having a clear out of your ever growing collection of arty crafty creative wares and you come across some old paint brushed, maybe from school art classes, maybe from college days or just because you love painting so and have hordes of materials...

Now imagine taking that old and used paintbrush and turning it into something you can wear and carry all of those memories with you! Great idea yes? Well I thought so and when I found out more about ZincWhite and their quirky wares, I feel in love with what they have to offer.

Head on over to to check out there products, "Where discarded objects become desirable again."

The most exciting thing about the recycled paintbrush necklaces are that some were actually artist's paintbrushes donated to ZincWhite. On the pack for my lovely little red brush necklace (featured at the start of this post) was the following information about said paintbrush:

"This paintbrush was kindly donated by Ian McGenn. The artst Ian McGenn is from Leeds and he broke his neck playing rugby for his school when only 16 years old. He paints with acrylics, holding the paintbrush in his mouth and his naturally delicate style suits close up art work of flowers which are his favourite subject."

How amazing is that? Not only is it a great creative idea but for it to have come from such a talented fellow creative in the first place is just brilliant! You can see more of Ian McGenns work at Mouth & Foot Painting Artists here:

So if you're looking for something a bit unique, very creative and want to give back to your paintbrushes, pencils or other unloved items head over to ZincWhite and check it out!

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  1. Hats Off to your creativity, Appreciate the dedication behind recycling.