Sunday, 2 October 2011

The sunshine is back!

It's been a wee while hasn't it? I hope you haven't missed the tales from hello Sunshine land too much! I have been poorly and had one or two things to sort out over the past couple of weeks but I'm much better now and back on it!

So to start the ball rolling, and to celebrate this bonus week of wonderful sunshine we've had, I thought I'd share a bit or commissioned sunshine with you all! My very good friends Sarah and Colli have recently moved into a new house with their beautiful bambino Beth and two cats, Ralph and Colonel Jenkins.

As a house warming present I created a special family portrait sunshine for them to hang in their new home...

As ever it was a pleasure to do, I'm massively chuffed with how its turned out and the doodled peoples here seem to love it just as much!


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