Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sunday at Sunshine Towers... 3 months on!

Yup it's nearly 3 months since I moved into Sunshine Towers and as I sit here full of yummy Sunday Roast (& a cheeky bit of Creme Brulee pudding) I can't quite believe it's been that long!

It's whizzed past so fast but man has it been fun! As I potter around the place it is starting to feel much more homely and I am so happy, chuffed and beyond grateful to have such a wonderful place of my own.

There are still a lot of mini projects I have and I'm sure this will grow in line with the months that roll on by while I'm here too. These will include splashing a bit of colour around the bathroom, some storage and shelving pimping, garden rummaging, kitchen sprucing and a cuddly rug... to name but a few!

For now though, I'll share a few more pictures of how the place looks now and at the same time I can show off some of my newest treasures that I received for my birthday back in May...enjoy!

:Pretties from top to bottom:
: 'Hello Sunshine' wooden plaque : Thank you to Cat and to Kim & Phil :
: 'The Loo' sign - just in case you get lost : Thank you to Carly :
: Awesome Chalk board & Chalks : Thank you to Cat & Camilla :
: Spotty Teapot : Thank you to my marvellous Duckypoos, Laura :
: The 'Thrones' 2 vintage Parlour chairs : Thanks to my Geek ♥ :
: Beautiful white wicket picnic basket : Again thanks to my awesome Geek :

Oooo and on a slightly related link and just because they deserve a mention... I finally found a new cozy home for my Ugly Doll collection! Not that I have many but I love them and each one has a special memory so now they take pride of place on the futon guarding the spare room/studio for me while I'm out and about... Say 'Hello!'

:From left to right:
'Ugly Dog' New York trip 2009
'OX' Present from Miss Amy B
'Big Toe' Vancouver Island, Canada
'Deer Ugly' Parnell, New Zealand

It wouldn't be fair for me to introduce you to these adorable Ugly fellas without included the big guy who takes the prime spot on my bed. He's bigger than my little niece (and most small children I'd imagine!) but he's a massive softy.... meet Abima...

Before I carried away and introduce you to any more of my toys I shall wish you a happy, relaxed and sunshine filled Sunday afternoon and bid you farewell until my next update! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

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