Wednesday, 1 June 2011

My drawing on SKIN!

I can't tell you how excited, amazed and honoured I am to be able to tell you that a most excellent friend of mine has had a drawing of mine tattooed on his arm! Woop!

The drawing in question is one of my 'Sunshine caricatures' that I have been drawing for a few years now. I drew one of my very good old school friend Becky for Christmas one year and this was Adam's chosen tattoo art! Woop!

I'm over the moon they liked my drawings so much and before I get carried away with more excitment and waffle you all to death I shall pipe down and show you some pictures...

Some of you may remember seeing my Sunshine caricatures before and may even recognise the names Adam & Becky from a couple of other blog posts as they now have a collection of my Sunshine portraits as well as Adam's shiney new tattoo!

It always means so much to me to know people like me work so this has go to be the ultimate compliment! I'm over the moon and hope that I can make lots more people this happy with my drawings! Power to the pencil and all that happy jazz! Woop!

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