Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Big Smoke!

Here I am on this beautifully sunny evening and I finally have some snaps from my fun filled weekend in London to share with you! Woop!

I have to admit I am not a city person at heart, my true love has to be by the sea, or even better... mountains by the sea! Anyhow this weekend I became slightly smitten with London *gasp* I was staying with a very good friend in the most amazingly wonderful old house in Brixton, which was stacked with amazing furniture, had a beautiful a roll top bath, was full of nik naks (not the corn snacks!), visited by a friendly neighbour cat and had an awesome toasty red Aga in the quirky little kitchen! Amazing!

I have never been to Brixton before but I loved everything about it! The up and coming Village area was bustling full of life and market stalls in the day and just a lively and full of things to do and see in the evening too! Such a fantastic atmosphere with the BEST sour dough pizza's from Franco Manca, some tasty red wine and some very naughty but nice crepes at Brick Box (I think that was the name!) We also experienced some brilliant live music at the Hootananny pub, where we saw the fantastically mesmerizing Lewis Floyd Henry who had everyone laughing and dancing along with his quirky music. He was followed by an awesome MC who kept the crowd going until Aruba Red came on stage who were equally as brilliant to see live!

Another place I had never been to that we ventured out to this weekend is Hampstead Heath. It's so BIG! We went with the intention of having a bit of a swim and a paddle in the lovely ladies pond there but somehow we walked round most of the heath, missed the pond and ended up in the Brew House at the top of the park near Kenwood House! The sun was out and the walk was beautiful so nothing to complain about but we are all still baffled as to how we missed that darn pond! Next time it won't escape us...

You can't go to London without doing something touristy so when it rained on Sunday we hopped on down to the Natural History Museum which was great fun! I think I could go every time I visit London and never get bored! It was a lot of fun wondering round and taking in all of the exhibits and playing with all of the interactive displays! After the museum, in the evening we went to the most amazing South Indian restaurant in Peckham - another new venture for me! The restaurant, Ganapati is such an amazing little place, the food is to die for and like no other Indian food I have ever tasted! I can't recommend the place enough and I am ever so grateful for Becky having got herself the job down there as I can't imagine having never tasted such amazing food! To top off the awesome day and dribblicious food we headed to the Peckhamplex cinema to watch Kung Fu Panda 2. One word = AWESOME!

Monday came round all too fast and as we packed our bags and thought about what we could do before getting the train back I couldn't help but feel like I had been away for a week! We had crammed so much in and hardly any of it felt like that kind of stuff you would do in London. I saw it all in a new light and am already planning when I can get down there again. You don't need a lot of money to have a good time and there are so many pretty parks and tranquille escapes if you venture off the trodden path. I guess it goes the same for anywhere you travel in the world but I can honestly say I never expected to be that pleasantly surprised by so many things in The Big Smoke. We finished our London break off with a wonder round the 'Out of this world: Science Fiction but not as you know it' exhibition at the British Library, which was brilliant in a very nerdy way! Perfect end to an amazing weekend away!

So I have waffled for a fair bit now so I'll leave you be to take in all of my blurb and some of the pretty pictures. I hope I have inspired some of you to visit some of the places I've talked about... or maybe you have already been and love them already? Either way I'm already excited about visiting London again this year... now where's my diary and the train timetables....

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