Thursday, 19 May 2011

Wonderful wedding moments...

As nearly a whole month has passed and I still haven't shared any photo's with you I thought I had better pull my finger out!

For those of you who remember last month I was bridesmaid for a very good old school friend of mine :) I won't gush on too much about how lovely the day was and how amazing the beautiful bride looked as you will see in the photo's to follow. I will say that I have never been happier for Mel and I wish her and Karl a long, bright, colourful and fun future together!

Now... without further waffles here are some photo's for you to enjoy...

Oooo I do have one last wedding themed thing to share with you before I sign off for the eve! As well as a fancy muffin tin (everyone loves muffins!), my wedding present to the happy couple was a personalised sunshine to commemorate their big day and now it is safely in their hands I can also share this with you....

*raises cuppa tea*

"To the happy couple!"

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