Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Hello May!

...and hello mini adventures & day trips! I thought I'd drop in to say hello and share some of my sunny shenanigans from the May bank holiday weekend!

On Saturday I received my fabulous 'Cool Cat Tote' from my talented friend Amy Blackwell and as I'm sure anyone would I took him out for a spin on my bike down to the farmers market at the University Highfields park - beautiful sunshine, fresh eggs, yummy cheese, savoury muffins and a bike ride! Perfect!

Sunday was 'Wants on tour' day! My folks, sister, niece and I went out to Wollaton Hall and Park for the day and again, accompanied by the fabulous sunshine the place was just beautiful! The sky was an unbelievable blue and with the blossoming trees and green grass you just can't help but smile while you're walking round. Finishing off with an ice cream too - what more can you ask for on a Sunday?

Bank Holiday Monday was another winning day in the sunshine and although my summer dress and I had to wrestle with the wind, we made it for a massively yummy brunch at the Warsaw Diner in Nottingham to celebrate a friends birthday. After that James and I took a mini drive down to check out the Beetroot Tree Gallery in Draycott. A lovely little gallery and shop in a beautiful village setting, serving the most tasty tomato and butter-bean soup ever! I can recommend a visit if you're in the area - even if it's just for the soup at the café. A little birdie told also told me that the Hot Chocolates are pretty awesome too!

Following our mini road trip we got back to a house filled with the delightful smell of roast pork! I'm still dribbling thinking about it again. James made the best roast potatoes and then with a load of apple sauce and stuffing we crammed some tasty bread rolls with the melt in your mouth pork and had a feast! What a way to end an bank holiday!

The adventures haven't ended either! I'm still off work until next Monday and today my friend Sarah took me to Shipley Country Park for a stroll and a scone! I've never been to Shipley Park before and it's pretty much on my doorstep. It's a lovely park and you can ramble for hours before you hit the 'ramblers café there... or you can take a short stroll round the lake and hit the café sooner depending how you feel...

The last few days have made me realise how many beautiful places I live near in Nottingham and it doesn't take much to take advantage of them. I guess the sunshine always helps when you have the time to explore.

I have chosen to use my days away from the office as a jolly good chance to explore some cheap, cheerful and local places and as it's looking unlikely that funds will allow for a holiday abroad this year I have even more reason to make the most of what's on our doorstep!

Fingers crossed the sunshine stays with us this week as we have plans to visit the seaside for fish 'n chips by the sea and an ice cream on the beach! I'm rather excited about seeing the sea again! :)

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  1. Sounds like you've had an awesome few days hun, so many beautiful places so close by. I feel rather inspired to go on a few adventures myself. Ax