Sunday, 3 April 2011

A weekend of Shoes, Days Trips & Farm Animals...

As you may guess from the post title it's been a busy weekend for me and has involved not one... but two mini day trip adventures! You know me... I LOVE adventures!

Yesterday my lovely friend and I took a trip out to Sleaford to visit The Hub. I stock some of my work at their little craft shop so it was nice to see my work on show and have a wonder round the fab building and a nosey at some of the current exhibitions.

This is where the shoes come in....'A Personal Collection of Vivienne Westwood Shoes' speaks for itself really and WOW! What a collection! So many insanely creative and imaginative shoes in one place! If you love shoes (and lets be honest who doesn't?) then this is a must see exhibition.

The collection 'spans the entirety of the designer's high fashion career, from the 70's onwards, and showcases some of the most innovative & iconic examples of Vivenne Westwood's work'. The fashion photography supporting the glorious glass cabinets of shoes is in itself worth a look.... stunning!

I was intrigued with the some of the designs not to mention the infamous Naomi Campbell wobblers and the oh so beautiful must have Anglomania for Melissa Lady Dragon shoes! I just need to decide which colour to start saving my pennies for now...

As well as the amazing shoes there was a cracking photography exhibition, 'Peacocks & Pinstripes - A snapshot of masculine style' and a brilliant installation piece by Suzi McLaughlin called 'How does your garden Grow?'

Along with a farmers market in Sleaford & the beautiful old brick buildings and stables surrounding The Hub I must say it was a jolly good day out - topped with a pub lunch, excellent company and a cold cider! Saturday was a winner!

And Sunday has been AWESOME too! This year is my little sisters first ever Mother's Day and to celebrate we took our Mummy and Little Lexie (and Daddy Want too!) to White Post Farm for the day!

It bought back sooooo many memories from trips with our grandparents and trips with Brownies! So much fun and so many animals to look at and feed along the way. All with a picnic lunch included and some silly face-in-a-hole photographs - Perfect day trip with the family! The only thing that could have made it better was if I had been able to get my face painted as a tiger... just like I did many moons ago...

Well, before I get carried away I shall bid you all good night! I hope you all had a lovely weekend & Mother's Day too! x

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