Monday, 11 April 2011

Quick commissions catch up...

It's been a busy few weeks at Sunshine Towers and I feel rather guilty for having not shared any of my crafty adventures with you for a while so here's a little update for you.

50th Birthday's a go-go! I have done two very different invitation designs for two 50th birthday parties just lately, both of which I am looking forward to muchos!

Val's 5oth Birthday Gothic Masquerade Rock Party Invitations
Fun, Fancy & costumes involved!

Geoff's 50th Birthday Dinner celebrations
Classic, smart & simple

On theme with the fantabulous weather we've been having too it only seems right to share my most recent Sunshine commission with you too...

Meet Karen, Jamie & Harvey the pooch!

And on another weather related note... Rainbows! I help out as many Friday's as I can with a local Girlguide Rainbows group. It's lots of fun and the girls are fab! I am designated crafter so when I do go you can bet your socks there will be crayons, glue & mess... and I love it! Last time it was Mother's Day cards and this week it's Easter cards so tonight I have been busy cutting and superglueing some cards with little egg windows in preparation.

I can't wait to get there on Friday and finish making them up with the Rainbows... I'll be sure to post some 'after' pictures... here's a hint of what you can expect to see more of...

Last time I was there I also handed over a poster I was asked to create to advertise our group so maybe there will be some new faces this week!

I hope you all have a lovely sunny week! I promise not to be gone too long next time and maybe I'll even treat you to some updated pictures from Sunshine Towers too! Until then... don't forget your sun cream, enjoy the weather and beautiful blossom!

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