Friday, 29 April 2011

Mini Projects about the house...

To say I am currently on my jollies from my day job I have been busier than ever but in a great way! After an Easter weekend of my friends wedding, catch ups, giggles, tears & funtimes in the sun I have thrown myself full pelt into some personal projects... one I am 3 years late in finishing!

In a couple of days it will be 3 years since I returned from my traveling adventures abroad *sob* I spent around 8 amazingly exciting months visiting some awesome places including SE Asia, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and South America. It was an incredible time and I have so many wonderful memories... not to mention a bazillion photographs to go with them!

Since I returned I have been meaning to put together some photo albums of my adventures and only now can I say... 'It's DONE!' I have turned 4 sketchbooks, some black paper and over 700 photos into 4 albums of memories, funtimes and adventures! As much as I'd LOVE to share every page with you I'll limit myself to a few of my favourite pictures and a the above 'trophy picture' of the finished albums...

Ko Phi Phi - Thailand

Dunk Island - Australia

Machu Picchu - Peru

The Remarkables, Queenstown - New Zealand

Beachcomber Island - Fiji

Singapore Zoo - Singapore

Another mini project of mine... was the renovation of some old wooden bar stools that were left behind in my kitchen when I moved into Sunshine Towers. They were a bit worse for wear, covered in splodges of paint and in need of some TLC. So, over the week I have sanded them down, cleaned them up and spray painted them a lovely red colour to match the ever-growing red theme in my kitchen! I must admit I think they look pretty darn good too... and SHINY!

I have a few other projects under-go at the momento but being as one is a mini surprise for a friend I shall keep it under wraps until it has been delivered! I will also have some wedding snaps from last weekend to share with you too - you can see the beautiful bride, and my slinky bridesmaid outfit complete with this badboy of a necklace which I was proud to wear on the special day...

Tatty Devine Moustache Necklace

Anywho... I hope you have all had a lovely extra bank holiday today. I must admit I couldn't help sneaking a peek at the wedding (and THAT dress) earlier today but I have to say the only way I have shared in the celebrations is with this most excellent 'Posh' fish finger sarnie.... NOM!

Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. can't beat a good fishfinger sarnie!

    I really need to sort my photos into albums like this. If only Muji was still around, i liked theirs a lot.