Monday, 18 April 2011

Easter Cards & Tea parties!

I'm not 100% sure where the weeks are flying to right now but here I am again with another mini update! Last week I gave you a peek into what I would be up to with my group of rainbows on Friday so as promised... the before photo...

...and the afters!

You should have seen the rainbows' faces light up when I showed them what they would be making! Although these practice cards aren't nearly as perfect as I would want them to be at any other time, I thought my 5 min show, make and tell went pretty well with 15 little faces watching!

I was so proud of them all too - they made some cracking little cards (pun intended! teehee) and it was nice to see them enjoy it all.

I also got given a name last week. All the leaders and helpers at Rainbows have the names of flowers and I can now re-introduce myself to you all as 'Sunny Sunflower'. I couldn't have picked a more fitting name if I tried and I am over the moon :)

On Saturday one of my oldest and loveliest friends gets married and I am lucky enough to be one of her ladies in pink (bridesmaids). You may remember me me showing you the slinky pink dress I'll be squeezing into?

To celebrate a few of us organised a 'Bride to be tea party' at Sunshine Towers and I thought I'd share a few fun and foody photos with you! We had so many tasty cakes & nibbles and it was great to dress the place in bunting and balloons! As you can see it was a tasty and fun affair!

This week though I have to be good after a weekend of indulging in all that tastiness! I am now back to my cycling and running and armed with some mahoosive stretchy pants I will get into that dress on Saturday!

Oh no... I just spied some left over cake...

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  1. wow amazing cards!:)
    and fcking love nachos!