Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Welcome to Sunshine Towers...

Finally I can share some pictures of my new home with you! Here are a few sneeky peeks into my little 'work in progress' castle! When I say castle I mean my cute little 2 bed house in Beeston!

As you will see I'm still a long way off making it into my home but it's getting there and rooms are starting to take shape.....

The Living room is a bit bare but the huge window which lets in all the lovely light makes it a nice place to sit even with minimal clutter.

The Living Room

The kitchen is a bit rough around the edges but will hopefully have a mini breakfast bar at far the end and with a new lick of paint will look yummy soon enough...

The Kitchen

The back spare room will have a desk & futon joining it soon to complete my studio come guest room space.... This will be where I spend most of my free time I imagine and look forward to all the Hello Sunshine treasures I'll cook up in here!

My studio / spare room

The bathroom is nearly all brand new so besides getting new towels and a bit of storage it's all set really. Oh and maybe a blind or curtain would be a good idea too! Eep!


Once I get my new bed frame and a few more bits of furniture so that my telebox has a home and I have a bit more storage this will be my chamber. My new mattress is amazingly comfortable so it's no surprise it's my fave room at the momento!


I have two very wild & unruly gardens at the front and back at the moment. These will be tamed and tidied ready for the BBQ season (YAY!) and in the future I would LOVE to look into growing my own veg but one step at a time for now...

Front Garden

Back Garden

So there you have it, the grand tour of Sunshine Towers as it is today! It's all very exciting and I can't wait to share more of the progress with you but for now I'll have to wish you farewell as it's time for tea and sandwiches! Nom!

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