Thursday, 3 March 2011

Teddies, Pooches & Pink!

Just a wee post to share some lovelies with you, these namely being my niece, some of my favourite teddies, a cute guilty purchase & some exciting pink wedding pretties!

The day Lexie met Abima and the rest of my Ugly Doll gang... I love my niece and I love my Ugly Doll collection so when they met last week I couldn't resist capturing the moment, especially the look of bemusement on Lil' Lexie's face. She did take a shining to Big Toe and his little ears though!

Pooches! I just couldn't resist Gemma Correll wonderful little Boston Teaparty pocket mirror when I saw it in her lovely Etsy shop!

Now be honest... you want one too don't you? And it came all wrapped up with this cheeky chappy stuck on the envelope too...

This image is from an old notebook I had at the start of last year for work - we had a de-clutter day in the office this week, hence the unearthing of this beaut of a pad. It made me smile again as much as it did the day I bought it!

And the PINK! You may remember a few posts back seeing the lovely slinky pink bridesmaid dress I'll be squeezing into in a couple of moths time... well the beautiful (slightly pink obsessed) bride to be sent out her beautifully made invitations this week too! So so pretty I wanted to share them with you too!

Ooo and not forgetting this cheeky hen party invite that came recently too! Very exciting! I feel a few pink cocktails and some fun times a brewing!

I'll be back soon with some more exciting news about my house move.... T minus 2 days now! Eep! I had better get a packing & a organising! It only seems 5mins since I moved here...

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  1. It was a very nice post. I love those pictures you've shared and I'm pretty sure that you enjoyed your day.