Wednesday, 30 March 2011

House Warming Wishes...

I can't help myself!
I keep spying pretties all over the place...

Everyone needs a welcome mat don't they?
This will be mine one day!

Beautiful wall sticker that would look ace in my Kitchen!

Huge handmade trophy Stag head
Perfect for over that imaginary fireplace I have!

Just ring for a glass of cold lemonade in the summer...
Makes sense to have one in the garden doesn't it?

I think this would make a darn good place to hang pretty tea towels!

The theme in my kitchen is turning out to be red.
What better way to compliment it?!?

It's a good moto for life so why not?

Tea always tastes so much better in a little cup & saucer!
May as well extend my cup & saucer collection with this beauty.

He's yellow, he's called James & he cleans!
It combines 3 of my favourite things! I NEED him!
(James is my geek / other half by the way)

Ok so it's more practical than 'pretty'....
...but it's also necessary and may as well look smart!


  1. Hello!
    Hope you are well. I too have fallen in love with that stag's head. Do you know if Zeus label have an online shop?


  2. James the hoover might be cool, but hetty hoover is by far more enjoyable to look at. She's pink and hetty is henry's girlfriend LOL.

  3. Wow, I love the bell and the cup and saucer! I just love French furniture and and a French country feel, so these would be great! Great blog xx