Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Best Family ever. Fact.

I have been a poorly bunny since coming back from Centre Parcs last week, which has meant moving, unpacking and generally doing anything came to a bit of a stand still, which in turn has resulted in a frustrated and sulky face on my part.

Thankfully though, I have the BESTEST family in the world! My parents have been amazing and have helped me no end over the weekend and while I've been off work in my sulking, useless state. And the smiles & laughs from little Lexie when I saw my sister made everything a squillion times better! I can't gush about how much they mean to me enough!

As you may remember I had started a Family portrait Sunshine project a while ago and before I went on my jollies I finally finished it. This weekend as a mini Thank you, I surprised Mum, Dad, Squidge (Jennie) & mini Squidge (Lexie) with the framed finished picture :)

The Want family... perfect in every way! Love you lots!

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