Sunday, 6 February 2011

Parcels, Weddings & Fun times!

This week has been full of exciting parcels & surprises so here I am to share them with you this rather grey Sunday afternoon... I hope my ramblings brighten your day...

The surprises started at the beginning of my week when I got the most wonderful little parcel all the way from Canada where my awesome friend Charlie lives. When I teared my way into the surprise box I found this beautiful card...

The front of the card : Yummy cake!

The back of the card : The wedding car!

...Charlie & Matt got married a wee while ago now and it was a wonderfully beautiful day up at Lake Ullswater in The Lake District. So when I got their Thank you/Christmas note I got all squishy and emotional as I remembered the day.

With the lovely card was a whole host of surprises too (I'm a lucky lady!) including some luxurious smelling bath salts, a beautifully designed Brighton tin, some Angel Camomile Tea and a pretty little note book made of poo! Yup made of poo! Brilliant! Check out the poopoopaper website and be amazed! :)

Getting that parcel on Tuesday made my week up for me and I was smiling ear to ear but when I got home on Thursday to another mini package I was smiling and dancing around with excitement even more! When I opened it up I was showered in sparklies which only meant one thing... my friend Becky aka Munchy! the beautiful bride who got hitched just before Christmas! This is what I was dancing about...

As well as the pretty sparkles, the card is just awesome and as I have know Becky since old school times when we used to take over the wendy house in my garden, play hide and seek in the dark with everyone and generally get in to mischief after school, this card was just perfect! Here's a closer peek...

On the disc that was in there too were all of the photo's I had picked from Becky & Adam's big day when I had been bridesmaid and we'd had a Christmas adventure in Ely. So I had another squishy moment or five flicking through the pictures from her special day and remembering the fun times! And now I can share some of them with you... I have picked a few of my favs so I hope you like them as much as I do!

*sniff* Ahem, I'm not crying or emotional... honest! Anywho...

As we are talking about weddings I will also share with you the next Bridesmaid dress I shall be donning for my lovely friend Mel in April! Not long now and I am rather excited! I am also trying my best to run and cycle to work as often as I can so I can look as slinky and slim as the model in this picture...

Pink is never my first choice in colour for anything but I must admit I am excited about this dress and the fitting in March as it is beautiful! Now the only thing is to lay off the fattybumbum foods a bit and get those running missions more regular! Eeep!

On that note and now I am thinking about all the food I shouldn't be thinking about, I shall go and distract myself by making more necklaces up - idel hands mean Jo eats more afterall!

I hope I have helped brighten your day with my tales of sunhine? Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


  1. Hi Jo,

    A lovely tale !
    I will stop by for more in future.

    Best of luck with the biscuit avoidance *drops crumbs on the keyboard*

    Best wishes,
    (from Pedestrian, Leicester)

  2. Thank you Sam, I hope you do drop by again soon!

    Mmm now I fancy a biscuit :)