Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A couple of lurverly things!

I said I'd share the love and here's a mini peek at what I got up to making for this Valentine's Day...

A card requested for that someone special! 'You're just my type' is an adaptation of my 'Just a note to say...' card which I was asked to create. I love the pun & am pleased that someone asked me to create it - very cute!

The next couple of pictures are of the gifts I gave to my Valentine this year... I was masshoosively excited to find this amazing 'Cheery Cherry Red Recycled Geek pad' from the fun & wacky Fishsticks on Etsy. The perfect gift for the geek you love no?

My other gift this year was one that I spent a lot of time planning & thinking about. I love drawing sunshines for people but when they are for yourself it always seems that lil' bit more tricky! Anywho, I persevered and am over the moon with how my little drawing turned out... may I introduce... Jamesjames & Jojo...

I hope you all had a lovely valentines day! We had a tasty night in with some scrummy food, wine & films whilst cuddled up on the sofa - perfect! I was spoiled with all that food, a mini rose bush (Rosie & the Jim's as I have affectionately named them) & this awesomely naughty yet very creative cupcake book.

I can't wait to try my hand at baking some of the cheeky little cupcakes! Teehee!

One last awesome and lurverly thing to share with you is this mysteriously amazing Edward Munkton card that the postman delivered to me... I have no idea who (my best friend Laura) sent it to me ;) I love the card and I love my duckypoos very much too!

On that squishy note I'll end my babblings but I hope you enjoyed the read & the pictures!

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