Sunday, 16 January 2011

New Year Sunshines & What I wore today doodles...

Well we're just over 2 weeks into the New Year and this is only my second blog post *slapped wrists* but I bring you lots of pictures to browse and promise to be back soon with even more news & pretties to peruse!

Before Crimblemas as you may recall I was bridesmaid for the lovely Becky & Adam. As a wedding gift to them both I drew them a wedding sunshine to celebrate their awesome day and their awesomeness! And... Ta Daaaaaa! Here it is:

Another mini project I've been working on is a personal family portrait to celebrate the latest shiny new edition of my lovely lil' niece, Lexie... it's still work in progress but here's a sneaky peek...

Still on the doodles and sunshines topic I have also managed to update a few of my 'What I wore today' pictures for the fab Flickr group, I still aim to do at least one a month but sometimes my clothes just aren't that inspiring to draw so I get distracted with campervans or other pretties but I promise to share with you what I do doodle :)

I think my favourite one has to be my New Year bike ride doodle mainly because I love my bicyle - she is called 'Pie', she is a racing green Raleigh Pioneer and Santa bought us a brand new basket for Christmas so we had a nice bike ride down the avenue in Bridgford the other week in the chilly sunshine!

Anypoops, to finish off my little ramble I'd like to add that you can now order more 'Tweet Lil' studs' & 'Swooping Swallow studs'.... YAY! Check out my Folksy & Etsy shop or contact me for more details!

Well I think that's it from me for now... I'll be sure to write again soon with more sunshine tales and until then.... Good Night all! x


  1. I think these are fantastic. :)

  2. love these pics and script ... really creative