Saturday, 22 January 2011

Love is in the air....

Yup it's coming to that time of year again and if you love it or hate it Valentine's Day will be much in bloom in all the shops and online before you know it!

I must admit I am a massive old romantic at heart and seeing as this is a 'lovey dovey' themed post I'm going to gush on about some beautiful things that have warmed the cockles of my heart lately...

Over Christmas I was a very lucky lady and received lots of beautiful goodies by the massively talented and very popular Rob Ryan. Rob Ryan's work strikes so many chords with me - creatively & emotionally. His hand and laser cut designs are so clever, quirky, fun and very romantic (but not in the spewk in your mouth way).

One of my most recent Rob Ryan indulgences is his beautiful 'This is for you' book which is full of the most amazing and heart tingling paper cuts! Worth your pennies for sure!

If you are looking for a perfectly lovely gift for anyone this Valentines day (or at any time of the year really) you must head on over to Rob Ryan's etsy shop... and enjoy the browse!

Another quirky gentleman that always wins me over is the fabulous Edward Munkton. Always guaranteed to get a smile and what better gift for valentines day? I bloomin' love people who can make me laugh, let alone pop it onto a lovely greetings card too!

Something else that made me smile this week is the arrival of Percy. Percy is my beautiful mini Sunflower that has bloomed over the past few days. My other half bought me a 'Pocket Garden' sunflower pack a few months ago while he was down in London and I have been lovingly taking care of the little seedlings since then. And now I am very proud to present Percy to you...

...but that's not all... Percy's friend Penny turned up yesterday... so it's only fair I share her with you too! I love flowers, especially sunflowers so you have to forgive me gushing on about them but it is also the first time I have managed to successfully grow my own sunflowers too! YAY for James buying me the pocket garden & Yay for Percy & Penny for making it!

OK so... continuing with the theme of Luuuuurrrrrrve and onto Valentine's Day, here's a wee update of what's available in Hello Sunshine world on Folksy & Etsy. Go on, have a browse and find something pretty for the fancypants you've been eyeing up...



Anypoops, that about finishes my 'Love is in the air' update I reckon... so I hope the read has proved useful, inspiring and maybe even a bit heartwarming? Thanks for reading my loverlies!

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