Saturday, 29 January 2011

Campers & daydreams...

Over the past year I have been trying to draw a camper per month and I finally have my 12 campers! I draw them because I cannot YET afford to buy one.. it is my dream to own a Yellow Splitscreen (like this beaut of a pic off a card from Seadragon) and I will continue to doodle the beauties until I can fulfill it!

Ever since I was mini-little and my Grandparents used to take us to Attenborough to feed the ducks in their Orange bay window VW camper I have loved them so I doodle...

This is my collection so far and I plan to develop them into framed colour prints soon and then... well that's still in the thinking pot at the moment. Maybe more cards, pin badges, tea towels, Tshirts, or even and most likely jewellery (I like this idea A LOT!)!

What do you think??? x

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