Monday, 27 December 2010

Mini festive catch up

I thought I'd take this opportunity to say 'Hello' and post some festive pictures to share with you all. A peek into Sunshine world at Christmas!

I'll start with some snow mainly because as I look out of my window I see it melting away into a bit of a slushy mush which makes me a tad sad because these pictures are just beautiful!

They were taken around where I work and it going to be tough facing the office again after Crimblemas especially knowing that it won't look this pretty tomorrow! It's hard to think only a couple of weeks ago everywhere looked like a picture perfect winter wonderland! Lovely!

Crimblemas is always a busy time for Sunshines and I love drawing them for people - it's great to be able to create something that's so personal to someone, whether I know them or not. I created some of my favourite sunshines in the latter part of this year and below are a couple more I am uber pleased with...

Mummy Sunshine - my lovely Mummy!

Starkey Family Portrait....

...all framed and ready to be wrapped!

Chris & Sarah

I'll be working on a couple more over the next couple of weeks so I'll be sure to share the progress of them with you all as I'm quite excited about them already!

So... if you remember I was a bridesmaid just before Christmas - YAY! - it was The. Most. PERFECT. day. EVER! Becky & Adam looked stunning and so in love I couldn't hold back the tears! I think I speak for everyone there when I say the day was amazingly special and perfect for them both! The bride was beautiful and the bridesmaids looked pretty darn good too! I only have a couple of pics for now but there will be plenty more to come I am sure!

Mr & Mrs Stanford!

The lovely Bridesmaids

Ok so one last (but definitely not least!) peek into my festive world...

I have been on Aunty duty this Christmas for my beautiful little Lexie and loved every minute of it! I mean how can you not love being in the presence of this little beaut? She's been a very good little girl and Santa definitely spoiled her on her first Christmas. It was lovely to be with the family and I can honestly say I've had a wonderful Christmas. I'm a very lucky girl and would just like to say a MASSVE Thank you to my friends, family, boy and all you lovelies that have supported me throughout 2010.

Here's to a FANTABULOUS 2011 filled with lots more sunshine, funtimes, laughs and adventures!

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