Monday, 1 November 2010

More sunshines...

Just a quickie to share some sunshine on this dark evening...

You may have seen my last post featuring little Daisy & Alfie... well here's the finished thing that went to a very happy Daddy!

This sunshine is to be a wedding gift for my friends who have now jetted off to the Big Apple for their honeymoon! Such a beautiful day it was too... never have I seen so much beautiful purple bunting... never mind to beautiful purple of the brides dress! Lovely!

And if that wasn't enough sunshine for you... here are a couple more I am working on right now for a good friend who has had 2 lots of very exciting news just lately.

One will be a Save the date card for their wedding (YAY!) and one will be a new address card for their new house they are purchasing right now! (DOUBLE YAY!) This time of year is so frickin' exciting!

Ok so I need to go calm down and make a cuppa tea now... toodles!

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