Thursday, 28 October 2010

Home at last...

It feels like an age since I've sat here in my room and been able to ... well just sit! With a brew and some time here's a catch mini reflection on the whirlwind of a fortnight that's it's been.

Amidst the hectic rushing around and hard working there has definitely been good news from the world of Hello Sunshine! I have been a busy lately due to a number of things... One of which is doodling up a couple of commission 'sunshine' caricatures. I have a couple more to get on with this week too which is always ace as I love doing them so much! The one I am working on right now is my favourite yet... so cute... here's a peek at the work in progress...

Alfie & Daisy

I am also about to get the 'thumbs up' to start making up a wedding stationary order which has been great too. Bloomin' love helping people create something for their big day so as you can imagine that has distracted me for a while and probably will do for the next week or so. EXCITING!

I have also been trying to sort out my old and new stock so I am ready for a couple of fairs due to pop up in November... one of which is Craft Candy's Candy Cane Christmas fair, which I can promise you is something you will be hearing more of through me as I'll be there and hoping to see lots of smiley faces in Sheffield!

Something else that has been preoccupying me too is Christmas, I know it's only October but sometimes working for a big retail company it feels like Christmas all year round and it's not always a bad thing... especially for ideas and inspiration! This year I will be partaking in the art of chutney & jam making! I can't wait to try the recipes I've found and start searching for jars and decorative items to present them - so festive and one of the reasons Chutney features in one of my Christmas card designs... which are available to order now if you missed my first blog post about these!

And THE most exciting news I can tell you is that over the last month I've worked my socks off making up new stock and approaching potential galleries and outlets to supply... and I can safely say... "I love it when a plan comes together!" because the below places now stock Hello Sunshine jewellery.... so if you're in the neighbourhood pop in...

Leeds Craft Centre & Design Gallery

Cherry Cherry

The Hub National centre for Craft & Design

Fingers crossed I will have some more to shout about but for now I have some follow up emails to send, some drawing to get on with and a fair few Christmas projects to try and focus on so watch this space for more exciting news... you will be the first to know! Until then I bid you lots of warm thoughts and a good night! x

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