Sunday, 10 October 2010

The day the sunshine and Christmas came out...

This past couple of weeks I've been quite poorly. I have a horrible habit of throwing myself back into my life with full force a tad too soon after being ill and last month when I was poorly I never quite recovered... so it came back with a vengeance this month and knocked me for six!

But... after nearly a week of bed, rest, reading and lots of tea and old films I am feeling MUCH better and the sun has come out which always makes me feel better! YAY!

So with the sun out today I decided to think about Christmas... yeah go figure.... but it is necessary I guess as October sprang from nowhere and I've been meaning to bring my festive ideas to life for a while now.

After some scribbling, doodling, lots of rubbing out and some macelton time here are the finished designs....

I hope you enjoy these little illustrations as much as I enjoyed doodling them! I will be taking orders for Christmas cards so if anybody is interested in these cheeky little designs please get in touch via my website

Right... and now to enjoy the sunshine before it disappears! Ta ta for now! x

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