Saturday, 25 September 2010

Thank You!

I'd like to start my newest extract of waffle from the world of Jo with a Thank you to everyone who came along to 'This is Bazaar' at Derby University earlier this week. It was a lovely day with lots of treasures from other talented designer makers, tasty coffee on hand and friendly fresh faces of all the new and current students. A special 'Thank you' to Bernice for doing a fantabulous job of organising it all!

I don't often talk about my office job at Boots on here because in the past it's been... well boring and not creative at all really. But since I started as a Junior Design for it's been much more interesting and visual - YAY!

This week I did my first real bit of design for the website and thought I'd shout about it because it's great to see pieces I have worked live on the website - no matter how much it needs to follow strict templates and guidelines! So if you visit and have a look down the right hand side of the homepage you will find my very first 'content spot' for Email Sign Up & at the bottom you will see my 'foot banner' for Email Sign up too! And right there that's my envelop illustration in my components - on the Boots website! Woop!

As well as one off bits of design for the site one of my main responsibilities is to create assets for the promotions on the site too - just because it was my first batch of 'assets' I was asked to do and because it made me chuckle while I was working on them... I thought I'd share some with you... yes I am immature but I am all over the family planning pages right now!

On another design note I'm currently designing some new business cards... I have a landscape design and a portrait design... I'm still rather undecided which one works best...

Which one do you think works best? I'd love to hear your thoughts too!

Right... onwards with the weekend and my everlong to do list! Oooo 'Everlong' .... I may get some Foo Fighters on to bop to on that note! à bientôt!

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