Saturday, 25 September 2010

Thank You!

I'd like to start my newest extract of waffle from the world of Jo with a Thank you to everyone who came along to 'This is Bazaar' at Derby University earlier this week. It was a lovely day with lots of treasures from other talented designer makers, tasty coffee on hand and friendly fresh faces of all the new and current students. A special 'Thank you' to Bernice for doing a fantabulous job of organising it all!

I don't often talk about my office job at Boots on here because in the past it's been... well boring and not creative at all really. But since I started as a Junior Design for it's been much more interesting and visual - YAY!

This week I did my first real bit of design for the website and thought I'd shout about it because it's great to see pieces I have worked live on the website - no matter how much it needs to follow strict templates and guidelines! So if you visit and have a look down the right hand side of the homepage you will find my very first 'content spot' for Email Sign Up & at the bottom you will see my 'foot banner' for Email Sign up too! And right there that's my envelop illustration in my components - on the Boots website! Woop!

As well as one off bits of design for the site one of my main responsibilities is to create assets for the promotions on the site too - just because it was my first batch of 'assets' I was asked to do and because it made me chuckle while I was working on them... I thought I'd share some with you... yes I am immature but I am all over the family planning pages right now!

On another design note I'm currently designing some new business cards... I have a landscape design and a portrait design... I'm still rather undecided which one works best...

Which one do you think works best? I'd love to hear your thoughts too!

Right... onwards with the weekend and my everlong to do list! Oooo 'Everlong' .... I may get some Foo Fighters on to bop to on that note! à bientôt!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Woops all round!

I want to keep this one short and sweet but apologies in advance if I waffle... you must know by now that it's more than likely with me!

So after my mass catch up with 'What I wore today' doodles I was over the moon to be told that one of them was chosen to be added to the blog that inspired me in the first place! Gemma Correll, a wonderfully talented illustrator, set up the Flickr pool & what I wore drawings blog and since then I became obsessed with drawing and adding to the flickr group.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw this....


And... tomorrow is the day of 'This is Bazaar' at the freshers fair at Derby University! Come and say hello and pick up a piece of Sunshine! I'll be there with the lovely April of April Marie Textiles and there will be plenty of other talented crafty folk there too!

:: Tuesday 21st Sept :: 11a.m - 3pm ::

:: Look out for the table flag and come say Hi! ::


And my final bit of news... I'm almost ready to start gluing, sticking and packaging my newest batch of jewellery! I've cut my collection down considerably for my new stock to really focus my brand so get in there quick as most of the wildlife pieces currently available may not be for much longer... watch this space for production and progress pictures!


Saturday, 18 September 2010

EVENT: This is Bazaar @ Derby Uni Freshers Fortnight

Pop along on and browse the treasures and stalls on TUESDAY 21st SEPTEMBER from 11a.m until 3pm and say ‘HELLO!’

Check out the event on Facebook for more information

Friday, 17 September 2010

What I wore this Summer...

Here's a bit of a mass catch up for you all... It's taken me weeks to get my act together and share these with you so please forgive me, I hope you enjoy these :)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

It's been a while...

I'm must apologise for the lack of blog posts recently. It's been a bit of a manic few weeks to say the least! No excuse really so slapped wrists for me! So... this may turn out to be a bit of a long one but as always I'll try to fill it with lots of pictures to keep you entertained! I'll give you a couple of moments to pop that kettle on too...

Towards the End of August I started my new job as Junior Designer as part of the customer experience image team for YAY! Being paid to do creative stuff for my day job finally! All is going well so far and I'm keeping all my bits crossed that it will take me on more creative adventures in the future!

So the end of August was pretty busy with the new job starting, some final finishing pieces for my 3rd and final wedding stationary commision and a couple of weekends spent going on mini adventures.... I bloomin' love adventures!

One of my oldest friends Becky is getting married in December this year and a couple of us went down to beautiful Ely in Cambridge to collect our Bridesmaid dresses! YAY! It was a lovely sunny day and we enjoyed a mooch around the lovely town and a spot of afternoon tea in the Peacock tearooms - Perfect! If any of you are Cambridge way I recommend some tea and an explore around the HUGE 3 story antiques shop in Ely! Amazing!

My second mini adventure was to a place I love so much... Brighton! There are only a couple of places I would like to move to within the UK and Brighton is one of them (Edinburgh is the other if you are wondering...) I had a wonderful time exploring the lanes and all the awesome little shops, eating scrummy food and strolling down the beach front! It was a perfect Bank Holiday weekend! If you haven't been you must go and explore! There is a lovely French cafe in the lanes called Mange Tout that does a mean eggs benedict and the Pizza's at Oregano's are not only a bargain but uber tasty... not to mention the array of shops, street markets and seaside fun to be had! GO!

On my return to work that week we had the Macmillan Miles challenge in The whole of the Boots business set themselves the mission of clocking up 290,000 miles for Macmillan - that's one for every person diagnosed with cancer in the UK each year! Our part of the challenge was the walk from Watford to Luton, stretch number 3 from the Sedley Place support office in London to the Nottingham Support Office.

It was a lovely day, the sun was out, the t-shirts we wore were super cool & the ublic gave us so much support along the way - it was awesome! So far alone have raised over £4,000! It is yet to be announced the total that Boots have raised for Macmillan but it's going to be impressive and I'm so proud to have been a part of it! THANK YOU to everyone who took part & supported us. There are more photos at and you can track the funds we're raising too!

The weekend just gone was a weekend of so much fun, laughter, silliness, relaxation & adventure - yes all of those! Becky, who I mentioned earlier, finally got to discover what we had planned for her for her Hen Weekend! 7 of us travelled to Elveden Forest Center Parcs to stay in an 'Exclusive Cabin' complete with Hot Tub, Steam Room and Sauna! OH YES!

The weekend was incredible! We had a relaxing time in the Aqua Sana spa on the Friday night, drank wine & watched films. On the Saturday we painted our own pots and then our faces before we headed out on a bike ride surprising the unsuspecting guests wondering round the resort - I mean it's not every day you get to see a tiger, mermaid bride, cat, flower girl, butterfly, star-child & geisha on bicycles is it? Sunday was complete with a cooked brekky, a round of mini golf dressed as superheroes & an afternoon in the famous Centre Parcs dome on the slides & rapids! and boy that plunge pool is chilly! If you top these activities off with bike rides, muchos red wine, mornings and evenings in your own personal hot tub and sauna then I think you have the ideal weekend really! SO much fun I want to do it every weekend! Congratulations again to the bride to be and roll on the BIG day in December!

On my return from the weekend it was my Dad's birthday and this year as my Mum has paid to upgrade the telebox package for Dad to have all the Ryder Cup coverage I thought I would create him a special birthday hamper. I filled a basket with wine, choccies, brownies, crisps, nuts and other goodies and hope that he really enjoys munching his way through them all while watching the Golf on the telebox! Happy Birthday Daddy!

With all of fun and adventures I have had over the last few weeks I'm afraid to say I am now paying for it greatly. It is safe to say the candle has been burnt at both ends completely and I am currently sat tucked up in bed with a stinking cold/flu snot fuelled bug right now! Typing this has been a nice distraction from the aches and pain though so I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed sharing it all with you!

I am finishing off a mass catch up of What I Wore Today drawings this weekend too so I will have some more pictures for you all to look forward to soon! But for now I shall wipe the snot of my face (for the umpteenth time) and snuggle back into my duvet and recover. TTFN x