Monday, 16 August 2010

Weddings, Campers, Mafia bits & new Job nerves!

Bonjour... or should I say Bon Soir now...

It has been a wee while since I wrote a post so I'm going to play a bit of catch up with you now. I promise to try and keep it short and sweet and include lots of pictures!

So I have to share some photo's of the weddings I went to the other weekend. I had such a wonderful day and evening and it will be a hard day to beat. Watching one of my best friends walk down the aisle to Aqueous Transmission by Incubus and seeing how happy the both of them were was incredible. It's no wonder I was struggling to fight back the tears on the day!

The evening do I went to for the other wedding was awesome, they had a fun casino and the most incredible buffet spread I've ever seen - it was like a deli counter! Not to mention the bacon sarnies that were doing the round with chips towards the later hours! NOM!

Anywho, I think the pictures I've included here sum up the day perfectly for me. The brides looked stunning and the grooms handsome, the smiles were plentiful and the day was just fab!

It's been a long long time (or feels like it anyway) since I've posted some drawings and I have had these bad boys to share with you for a while now so... meet my next cheeky trio of campers!

The will soon be cards and I'm thinking when I have another couple done and dusted I may look into making them into something more than cards... any ideas would be muchos appreciated!

Another crafty area I've not really had a lot to shout about lately is the Nottingham Craft Mafia as there has been a bit of a re-jig in the way it's run and the shop has been through a bit of a re-vamp. I will hopefully have many more exciting details for you very soon but for now I will share a few cheeky peices of work I have been doing ove rthe last week....

As we are re-launching in September with a fresh new look, feel and attitude (think WOW, think Ooooooo, think AWESOME!) I have had the challenge of re-branding the Mafia as we know it. A very exciting challenge which I have enjoyed getting stuck into.

Anywho... enough waffle... wanna see the potential designs that are going to the other Dons?

If you have any thoughts please leave a comment as every little helps!

Ok so my last pointer and bit of news... I HAVE A NEW JOB! Eeep! I will be starting in on Monday as a Junior Designer. I finally found a creative role within Boots to allow me to get onto the digital design career ladder. It's been tough trying to get design jobs since I left uni as I'm more hands on trained rather than graphics but I've persevered and Monday will be my first taste.... I hope it's what I'm looking for... anywhoooooo... wish me luck!

Now I need to find a cool pencil case for my new job... just like starting a new term at school!

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