Sunday, 20 June 2010



My wonderfully talented housemate has photographed my jewellery collection ready for me to share with the world and I am so happy I can't describe it!

I have found a new love for all of my work after seeing them this way... Here's a sneaky peek at a few ... I should wait until they are up on my website but I can't... what do you think?

Necklaces : from £15.00 each
Cheeky Lil Studs : £5.00 each
Danglies : £7.50 each
Brooches : from £8.50 each

Lil Lapel Pins : £4.00 each


  1. jo, loving the jewellery range, it's amazing to see it and how it has progressed frm your earlier work. Thanks also for the lovely comments on the blog, it's really good to have input from others, one of the things I really miss about the mafia, but great to have made all the connections with you lot, keep in touch and hope to see you over the summer x