Friday, 4 June 2010

The evening crowned the day!

"The evening crowned the day" was an expression a colleague at work introduced me to this week and today it deserves to be used. The day was glorious and sunshiney but alas I was stuck at my desk for the majority of it... until home time that is!

After work I hopped on my bike and pedaled my lil legs off down the river to a retail park where I needed to pick up some supplies. For those of you who know Nottingham I can join the River Trent by the toll bridge and enjoy the scenery all the way down the river right down towards where it meets the canal near the The Nottingham Forest football ground.

It's been a while since I've cycled that way and when I thought I'd reached the end of the road where I used to have to cut through a housing estate, I was pleasantly surprised with the beautiful new canal towpath and lock area that's there now.

I found this picture on the t'interweb to share with you as I didn't have my camera and you can also read about the project here too. I'm afraid that this picture doesn't do the area justice at all though so you'll have to imagine the sunshine and little families of ducks and swans I witnessed along the way!

So after my lovely cycle to the retail park and home again, I had a quick shower, donned a nice summer dress and headed to one of my favourite rooms in the house... THE KITCHEN! Now I get easily excited by food (if you hadn't already guessed from my previous blogs!) but it's not often I'm compelled to take pictures and share it... but this evening I had to!

I pottered around the kitchen while Rocky popped in and out of the back door causing mischief and making me smile as usual. I set the picnic blanket out in the garden ready for a bit of alfresco dining and when I'd finished my masterpiece it looked so pretty I had to take some photgraphs of it. So... as random as this may seem... here is my tea!

Smoked Mackerel fillets, Roasted vine tomatoes & buttered spinach on a multigrain bagel:
(with special guests 'The Banana Brothers" - the best Salt & Pepper guys around!)

Maybe the sun and my bike ride had gone to my head but the colours, the smell and the beautiful weather this evening just made my tea perfect and I wanted to share it with the world! Also I have to admit I never wanted it to end! I was pretty gutted when I'd finished it all and was staring at an empty plate, still my tummy was super happy so I got over it pretty quickly.

Plus with this cheeky chappy running round chasing flies, trying to steal bits of mackeral and generally providing the best entertainment around who wouldn't enjoy the treats the evening held?

Ok so after reading all of my blurb I hope you can see why I chose to use my newly learned phrase to share my evening with you all tonight.

"The evening crowned the day"

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