Thursday, 20 May 2010

"Why are you going to Iceland?"

To wake up and be greeted by the sea and the overlooking snow capped mountains.

To explore a city full of history, Viking tales, weird & wonderful food & houses made of multi-coloured corrugated iron surrounded by pockets of street art.

To adventure through active hot springs waiting for & watching the bubbles rise and shoot hot water 30 feet or more into the air.

To stand on the edge of a Gulllfoss Golden Waterfall and watch the water gush over the edge into nothingness.

To get my drive on and Quad Bike through black volcanic landscape alongside Icelandic horses.

To don my sea legs and look out for Minke Whales, Puffins & Gannets in the brisk Icelandic air (sick bag optional).

To witness the infamous Eyjafjallajökull volcano ash cloud that has grounded flights all over the place recently.

I got asked "Why on earth are you going to Iceland?" so many times when I told bemused folk where I was spending my birthday weekend. I think the above pretty much sums it up really don't you? It's an incredible place with so much to see and do. If only I had more time and endless money, I definitely wouldn't have been leaving so soon!

We were extremely lucky to have such a smooth trip there and back especially as the airports have been closing willy nilly lately due to Eyjafjallajökull's huff & puff.

Everything was perfect! An awe-inspiring & amazing place to spend my birthday this year!

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