Monday, 24 May 2010

Monkeys and the sunshine!

Oh what a wonderful weekend! My housemate Mickey, a close friend Sarah and I all share May birthdays so on Saturday we had a brilliant 'Three Way BBQ' at Chez Bridgford! It was awesome! Sunshine, great food, amazing company and a bit of alcomahol! Perfect birthday celebrations in the sunshine... If only it could happen every day... apart from being the size of a house with all those burgers and cheeky ciders I'd be one happy bunny!

I hope you were all out there in your sun hats and suncream enjoying the glorious weather!

Onto the Monkeys anyway, a lovely lady contacted me about a longtime shop dwelling canvas in Get Made. It's a little orange canvas with one of my monkey illustrations.

The monkey's name is Clive and I was asked to produce one on a softer, more natural, brown canvas background. 'Clive' is one of my favourite monkey illustrations and has a bit of a cheekiness about him so I was more than happy to create a new version for someone. Just because he's that cute here's the finished commission for you too!

Another bit of news, while I was in Iceland last week Boots launched their carshare scheme at work with my logo and artwork! WOOP! It was rather exciting opening our intranet to see my work there! I was pretty proud about it, the only bad thing is that my name isn't mentioned alongside any of it... lesson uno, always make sure you will be credited for you work whoever it's for and wherever it may be!
Oh I have just remembered that I promised to post some event dates up here and I haven't - so lame of me! Tut tut! Well here are a few for now so get your diaries and pen out...

* June *

Saturday 5th June
Apples & Pears and Craft Wares
Hopkinson Art Gallery

* July *

Sunday 4th July
Edwalton Primary School Summer Fair

Saturday 10th July
Feel Good Festival
Macmillion Cancer Support Charity Festival
Boots Head Office Site

Right-o, I think that's enough from me for tonight folks... so until next time I bid you good evening and sweet dreams!

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