Thursday, 6 May 2010

Handlebar gymnastics, Carshare Schemes & more...

Ok so a random blog title but it sums up my week so far really....

I love cycling to and from my work place. It's about 45mins to 1 hours worth of pedal power a day and it's a perfect chance to clear my mind and get fit, in theory. I say in theory because I eat enough for 3 people generally! What can I say I love FOOD!

Anywho, my cycle home on Tuesday involved a round of expletives aimed at a lady who drove straight at me on a roundabout. You'd think that the fact I was on the roundabout when she drove at me may have been a clue to stop! But apparently not, even when you're dressed in fluorescent orange! So I was a tad shaken on tuesday but I got back on my bike on Weds thinking nothing of it... Alas my bike drama continued when a curb took me by surprise and I decided to try flying rather than cycling. I don' t recommend trying it - unless you can launch yourself off something higher than a curb maybe? No actually just don't try it please. Handlebar gymnastics hurt. FACT!
Today was a pretty achey & bruised day for me but my bike and I are still friends and we had a successful journey today. YAY! Here's to a bruise, bump & flight free end to the week!

The carshare part of my week is something for me to WOOP about. If you can cast your mind back a few blog posts ago I spoke about helping a colleague at work out with her Dragons Den project, which was the Boots Carshare Scheme. Today I received an email with the website link as to how it should look when it is launched later this month... Ta daaaaaaa!

Very exciting! Hopefully lots of people will help the environment and get their share on with this scheme now, it's a great idea especially with the amount of people who must drive to Boots everyday.

On a another creative project note Pica Pica magazine have just released their Digital edition of Issue #1! YAY! You can view the beauty HERE. Look out for some sunshine drawings, along side some other gorgeous illustration work by Amy Blackwell, Gemma Latima & Kate Broughton. BIG Hi-5 to everyone behind Pica Pica - it looks fantabulous! Now go see!

On a jewellery note I have added a shiny new item to my Folksy shop this week... drop in and take a nosey if you are passing that way!

Treetop Twitters Necklace : £15.00

Right, I shall bid you fair well for now. I'll be posting about some Events kicking off over the next couple of months so keep popping back to see me! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Oh dear you poor thing, hope your ok. I went over my handle bars a couple of years ago and my broke my fall with my face and had a very fetching black eye for about 4 weeks, I didn't realise skin could be so many colours. Glad to hear it hasn't put you off.