Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Ok so letters & goodies through your door is exciting any time of year never mind when it's closing in on your birthday! (4 days to go! *BIG cheesy grin*)

But today this came through my door, smashed the excitement scale and put THE biggest smile on my face...

Yup... a lil Thank-you postcard from designer and rabbit admirer Paul Smith! A little birdie told me that Sir Paul loves rabbits (as you can see from his awesome coat of arms!) So I thought that I would send him one of my recent jewellery pieces featuring 2 cheeky lil rabbits. I never expected anything in return so I was over the moon to receive a Thank you!

I won't rabbit on (badoomtish!) any more about it but I had to share my exciting mail with you all! Anypoops... I'm off to go and cross some more body parts so that hopefully I will get to Iceland on Saturday despite that pesky volcano... *shakes fist*

Have a lovely week everyone!

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