Monday, 24 May 2010

Monkeys and the sunshine!

Oh what a wonderful weekend! My housemate Mickey, a close friend Sarah and I all share May birthdays so on Saturday we had a brilliant 'Three Way BBQ' at Chez Bridgford! It was awesome! Sunshine, great food, amazing company and a bit of alcomahol! Perfect birthday celebrations in the sunshine... If only it could happen every day... apart from being the size of a house with all those burgers and cheeky ciders I'd be one happy bunny!

I hope you were all out there in your sun hats and suncream enjoying the glorious weather!

Onto the Monkeys anyway, a lovely lady contacted me about a longtime shop dwelling canvas in Get Made. It's a little orange canvas with one of my monkey illustrations.

The monkey's name is Clive and I was asked to produce one on a softer, more natural, brown canvas background. 'Clive' is one of my favourite monkey illustrations and has a bit of a cheekiness about him so I was more than happy to create a new version for someone. Just because he's that cute here's the finished commission for you too!

Another bit of news, while I was in Iceland last week Boots launched their carshare scheme at work with my logo and artwork! WOOP! It was rather exciting opening our intranet to see my work there! I was pretty proud about it, the only bad thing is that my name isn't mentioned alongside any of it... lesson uno, always make sure you will be credited for you work whoever it's for and wherever it may be!
Oh I have just remembered that I promised to post some event dates up here and I haven't - so lame of me! Tut tut! Well here are a few for now so get your diaries and pen out...

* June *

Saturday 5th June
Apples & Pears and Craft Wares
Hopkinson Art Gallery

* July *

Sunday 4th July
Edwalton Primary School Summer Fair

Saturday 10th July
Feel Good Festival
Macmillion Cancer Support Charity Festival
Boots Head Office Site

Right-o, I think that's enough from me for tonight folks... so until next time I bid you good evening and sweet dreams!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

"Why are you going to Iceland?"

To wake up and be greeted by the sea and the overlooking snow capped mountains.

To explore a city full of history, Viking tales, weird & wonderful food & houses made of multi-coloured corrugated iron surrounded by pockets of street art.

To adventure through active hot springs waiting for & watching the bubbles rise and shoot hot water 30 feet or more into the air.

To stand on the edge of a Gulllfoss Golden Waterfall and watch the water gush over the edge into nothingness.

To get my drive on and Quad Bike through black volcanic landscape alongside Icelandic horses.

To don my sea legs and look out for Minke Whales, Puffins & Gannets in the brisk Icelandic air (sick bag optional).

To witness the infamous Eyjafjallajökull volcano ash cloud that has grounded flights all over the place recently.

I got asked "Why on earth are you going to Iceland?" so many times when I told bemused folk where I was spending my birthday weekend. I think the above pretty much sums it up really don't you? It's an incredible place with so much to see and do. If only I had more time and endless money, I definitely wouldn't have been leaving so soon!

We were extremely lucky to have such a smooth trip there and back especially as the airports have been closing willy nilly lately due to Eyjafjallajökull's huff & puff.

Everything was perfect! An awe-inspiring & amazing place to spend my birthday this year!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Ok so letters & goodies through your door is exciting any time of year never mind when it's closing in on your birthday! (4 days to go! *BIG cheesy grin*)

But today this came through my door, smashed the excitement scale and put THE biggest smile on my face...

Yup... a lil Thank-you postcard from designer and rabbit admirer Paul Smith! A little birdie told me that Sir Paul loves rabbits (as you can see from his awesome coat of arms!) So I thought that I would send him one of my recent jewellery pieces featuring 2 cheeky lil rabbits. I never expected anything in return so I was over the moon to receive a Thank you!

I won't rabbit on (badoomtish!) any more about it but I had to share my exciting mail with you all! Anypoops... I'm off to go and cross some more body parts so that hopefully I will get to Iceland on Saturday despite that pesky volcano... *shakes fist*

Have a lovely week everyone!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Handlebar gymnastics, Carshare Schemes & more...

Ok so a random blog title but it sums up my week so far really....

I love cycling to and from my work place. It's about 45mins to 1 hours worth of pedal power a day and it's a perfect chance to clear my mind and get fit, in theory. I say in theory because I eat enough for 3 people generally! What can I say I love FOOD!

Anywho, my cycle home on Tuesday involved a round of expletives aimed at a lady who drove straight at me on a roundabout. You'd think that the fact I was on the roundabout when she drove at me may have been a clue to stop! But apparently not, even when you're dressed in fluorescent orange! So I was a tad shaken on tuesday but I got back on my bike on Weds thinking nothing of it... Alas my bike drama continued when a curb took me by surprise and I decided to try flying rather than cycling. I don' t recommend trying it - unless you can launch yourself off something higher than a curb maybe? No actually just don't try it please. Handlebar gymnastics hurt. FACT!
Today was a pretty achey & bruised day for me but my bike and I are still friends and we had a successful journey today. YAY! Here's to a bruise, bump & flight free end to the week!

The carshare part of my week is something for me to WOOP about. If you can cast your mind back a few blog posts ago I spoke about helping a colleague at work out with her Dragons Den project, which was the Boots Carshare Scheme. Today I received an email with the website link as to how it should look when it is launched later this month... Ta daaaaaaa!

Very exciting! Hopefully lots of people will help the environment and get their share on with this scheme now, it's a great idea especially with the amount of people who must drive to Boots everyday.

On a another creative project note Pica Pica magazine have just released their Digital edition of Issue #1! YAY! You can view the beauty HERE. Look out for some sunshine drawings, along side some other gorgeous illustration work by Amy Blackwell, Gemma Latima & Kate Broughton. BIG Hi-5 to everyone behind Pica Pica - it looks fantabulous! Now go see!

On a jewellery note I have added a shiny new item to my Folksy shop this week... drop in and take a nosey if you are passing that way!

Treetop Twitters Necklace : £15.00

Right, I shall bid you fair well for now. I'll be posting about some Events kicking off over the next couple of months so keep popping back to see me! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Oops I almost forgot!

I got so carried away with iceland adventures & pretties that I forgot to share my new drawings with you! Introducing... my 3 latest Camper doodles... what do you think?

Wish lists...risky business!

Over the past week or so I have seen so many pretty things I think my eyes might fall out. I put it all down to the lack of money in my pot right now but I can't complain in the slightest as I am off to Iceland in 2 weeks time! YAY!

My boyfriend and I have booked a 5 day break to Reykjavik for my birthday! Double YAY! On the 15th we start our adventure which will include seeing the beautiful landscape of Iceland and meeting some local Whales! Yup this lucky monkey is going on a whale watching trip. Needless to say I'm so excited I might wee!

Anywho... holiday aside I thought I'd share some of my wish list items with you all. I find collecting pictures of pretties and sharing them a way of getting the 'I Want' bug out of my system while at the same time sharing some lovely things with you guys... ENJOY!

1. Retro Kitchen Scales :
2. Can't stop Smiling dress :
3. Skull Candy Lowrider headphones :
4. Red spotty Cake stand :
5. Office FRANK Brogues : Office Shoes

1. A very Important Date locket :
2. Cameo Kirby Grips : Topshop
3. Down Home Girl Dress :
4. Cinnamon Toast Blouse :
5. Boyfriend Knit Cardigan : Topshop
6. Airmail Doormat :
7. Office Loose Lace Boots : Office Shoes

Ok so I have a LOT more pretties I could share with you however I think these 2 mini collections will be enough for today. I'm sure I'll be doing some more imaginary splurging again soon though and I'll be sure to share my next lot of finds with you!

Have a cracking Bank Holiday weekend everyone!