Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Va Va Voom.... and ding dong the bells are gonna shine!

A bit of a random mix for a post but just to fill you in on a couple of bits I have been up to over the Easter jollies.

The Va va voom is a little shout about my new cards that I have just made and plan to unleash at the Apples & Pears Craft fair on 24th April! Have a gander and let me know what you think! It is my way of getting that little bit closer to the one I shall one day own... ok so I'm not any closer but it makes me feel happy drawing them!

I have 3 vans so far that I am using in my card designs and have created two variants. One is a mini version of the van on the front of the card and the other is a blown up version. I like both equally but I am unsure of the text on the blown up one... feedback would be muchos appreciated if any of you have any thoughts too?

The next bit of my update is not to do with me getting married in the morning (did I have you wondering?... No?... ok I shall continue....) A friend at work asked me to do her wedding stationary a few months back and after many a swapsies of drawings, samples & diamontes here are the final invitations. I am mighty pleased with how they have turned out and I hope the bride to be is just as happy!

Wedding Invitation (Front)
Inside of Invite with RSVP card attached

Table Name card & RSVP card

Poem Card insert for invitations

Now... to remove the diamonte that seemed to want to superglue itself to me rather than an invitation... How very RUDE!

Have a good week lovely readers!

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